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Spending Money Has Never Been This Efficient And Fun

  • Gaming & Games

    In all types of online games: browser based, casual or skill games, VM lets you pay without having to reveal any personal information, bank details or credit cards.

  • Music & Movies

    Online Entertainment made easy with VoucherMoney in a variety of online platforms at your disposal for your favorite movies, tv series, soap operas, music, live events and so much more.

  • Internet Services

    In a world where you are connected 24/7, you are closer to the services you need than ever before and to access those services you require a strong and broad payment solution that helps you pay conveniently and safely.

  • Hotels & Flights

    Booking your next big holiday just got simpler and you can pay using your vouchers in a variety of online travel agencies, flight comparison websites and more.

  • Online dating

    Whether enjoying a game with friends through social media or finding your next better half on an online dating website, VM is here to guaranty your privacy.

  • Software & Services

    Hiring a freelancer, getting a logo designed, building a website and various other services can be hassle-free, safe and secure with VoucherMoney at your side!

  • Phone Calls and Messaging

    Either messaging your best friend next door or your family around the world you need the most modern services at your disposal and a reliable payment that keeps you going.

  • Gift Voucher Shop

    It takes forever figuring out what gifts to buy our loved ones. The answer is simple, give them whatever they want! With our vouchers they can buy to their heart’s desire.

  • Social media

    Entertainment without the hassle having to disclose your bank account or credit card details on social media is what we offer. Buy apps, play games and just have fun.

Using VoucherMoney is Simple

You can use VoucherMoney with many authorized online service providers. The experience considered is to offer a payment way that is: Secure, easy, efficient, smart and fast. The principle is to feel safe and in good hands when using VoucherMoney for your transactions and purchases.