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  • Safe and Secure

    VoucherMoney allows you to pay online in a simple and secure way, same as using cash. Using VoucherMoney to pay online is much easier and safer than using your credit card or bank account, and there will be no need to provide your financial or personal information.

  • Buy Globally

    Purchases include international brands, products and services, VoucherMoney makes it easier to buy or pay from around the world along with a secure experience. Our payment services are recognized satisfying on a global scale.

  • No Credit Cards Needed

    There is no credit card required to create an account or purchase anything, no personal or banking information is requested and confidentiality is guaranteed during each of your transactions, VoucherMoney is as secure as using direct cash and is accessible to everybody as no verification of income or solvency is required.

  • Successful Payments

    VoucherMoney saves its users from getting rejected while purchasing anything, the payment method we offer is very simple and easy, you can pay several times with the same voucher until the balance is exhausted and use your voucher immediately after purchase.


For each Money Voucher you own, you can use your digit code whenever you want. When you are on a partner site and want to make a payment with your VoucherMoney prepaid ticket, simply click on the icon of VoucherMoney on the payment method selection page. Once you have clicked, the PIN code entered in the center of your ticket will be requested. Enter it and confirm your entry. A summary of your transactions will appear. Your payment is now effective.


We managed to be certified by the most reliable, trustworthy, and devoted in security terms partners. VoucherMoney is safe and secure, with online facilities for a better payment experience.

Where can I use my VoucherMoney?

You can use VoucherMoney at authorized online product websites globally.