Our Reseller Solution

Whether you have an offline exchange shop or online website facilitating payment for customers in need, you can potentially become a reseller of Vouchermoney and help your customers with buy, sell or exchange of Vouchermoney related transactions! Vouchermoney has over 70 online and offline exchange shops selling, buying and exchanging Vouchermoney PINs around the globe!

Start trading Vouchermoney and generate additional revenue as an official Vouchermoney Reseller!


Generate Vouchermoney PIN manually or through API

Purchase Vouchermoney PIN and Top-up Reseller account

Purchase or Trade Vouchermoney e-wallet currencies

Get commission on every transaction, Online or Offline


Increase Revenue

Generate incremental revenue with new customer segments who have limited access to comprehensive payment solutions.

High Acceptance

Vouchermoney is a trusted brand and many new and returning customers are looking for making transactions with it. Resellers can take the opportunity to supply these customers and earn money.

Easy Integration

Integrate Vouchermoney Reseller features into your website directly through our API or a verified PSP (Payment Service Provider) in just a few steps.

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