Engage through our creative rewards program. Vouchermoney makes it easy for you to spend your points at partner stores or directly with in-app purchases. One of the best use cases is to buy discount codes in exchange for reward points.


Who Need a Rewards Wallet?

  • Fintech companies and banks
  • Shops and malls
  • Schools and universities
  • Online shops
  • Retailer stores
  • Bars, clubs and hotels

Automated Reward

Scan to Pay Easily

Multi Currency

In-App Products

Why Businesses Need a Rewards Wallet?

Vouchermoney empowers businesses with Rewards Solution wallet to increase customer acquisition and revenue, decrease cost, create engagement and retain most valuable customers.

Easily create custom incentive programs with Vouchermoney solution to change user behavior in a way that matters most to your business. Migrate from your existing rewards provider to Vouchermoney or start fresh if you don’t already have one.

What Types are Rewards are Supported?

  • Verify personal information.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly claims.
  • Open API for custom integrations.
  • Mass Send is a powerful tool to create and manage bulk reward campaigns.

How it Works?

Business creates custom reward campaigns

Customers install the app, register, and claim points

Customers can earn reward points

Customers can spend points on in-app purchases

Business can manage customers, track sales and analyze insights

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