Vouchermoney prepaid wallets are the right tool for you to manage all your transactions in one place. You can add fund, invest, transfer to your Visa or Master debit cards, buy cryptocurrencies and more!

Vouchermoney has created the ultimate wallet for you to enjoy all aspects of a professional prepaid e-wallet.

For Businesses

The way we pay for products and services is changing by the day. Cash is no longer king, instead the debit and credit card rule as our primary methods of payment.

We are now at a point, however, where the physical card is becoming no longer necessary thanks to the invention and rise of mobile payment technology and in particular the mobile wallet. Vouchermoney has developed a comprehensive prepaid wallet to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer market.

Businesses can utilize this wallet to send or receive payments for their goods and services.

Credit Card Top Up

Scan to Pay From the App

Multi Currency

In-App Purchase

Bank Top Up

POS Payments

Online Checkout

Why Businesses Need Vouchermoney Prepaid Wallet?

There are three key reasons for this:

  1. Reduce costs by avoiding credit card fees on every transaction.
  2. Increase retention by making it easier for customers to reload funds to their wallet balance through an app and then spend it on businesses products or services.
  3. Guaranteed revenue stream by increasing the conversion rates.
  4. Allowing end-users to manage their money the way they want as opposed to forcing them on payment methods they do not prefer.

How it Works?

Customers add funds with their preferred method

Vouchermoney In app purchases for businesses

Customers install the app and register

Scan to pay at point of sale

Online Payments made totally easy

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